How the LakeMat® is for a lake?

How the LakeMat® is for a lake?

Water-bodies are an integral part of the natural landscape that needs regular maintenance. All lakes and ponds, regardless of size and origin, tend to quickly become polluted. Both natural and household wastes “help” them in this process. Branches, leaves, lake weeds, fluff, plastic wrappers - all these things have a very deleterious effect on the ecosystem of water bodies and turn them into dirty smelly puddles. Only a competent cleaning will help to avoid such an outcome.

Why do lakes and ponds need to be cleaned?

There are several reasons why it is advisable to clean water in water-bodies from time to time. Firstly, the trash and sludge that accumulates in ponds and lakes decompose over time, resulting in the following effects:

-   Reduced oxygen levels

-   Active growth of algae

-   Water bloom

Secondly, because of the pollution, ultraviolet rays do not penetrate the water column. As a result - maximum water-logging.

And thirdly, cleansing helps to restore the aesthetic appearance of the lake because the littered lake doesn’t have a very pleasant look.

How to clean lakes from lake weeds?

When we talk about aquatic plant problems, we need to understand that there is no single solution. In modern practice, there are various options to clean lakes and ponds - all of them have its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the ways how you can clean your lake from the lake weeds:

- Chemicals (aquatic herbicides)

- Physical removal of lake weeds

- Lake weed rollers and blowers

- Dredging etc.

Another way to clean the lake is LakeMat®.

What are the benefits of LakeMat® and how it works?

To start with, LakeMat® is an eco-friendly mat for lake that rests on your lake bottom to eliminate all your lake weeds — exactly where you want. LakeMat® is chemical-free and 100% effective. It works perfectly for individual lakefronts. Moreover, this mat for the lake doesn’t create more weeds by fragmentation. Being gas- and water-permeable, it allows your lake bottom to “breath,” so the microorganisms that keep your lake clean are unaffected.

Installed LakeMat® creates a weed-free swimming and recreation area. How? - Because this mat for the lake is very effective at blocking sunlight from lake weeds. This makes the lake more user-friendly, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing.

LakeMat® settles over the weeds and is secured by stakes on each corner (you can easily assemble and install it in 15 mins). 

Another great benefit is that this mat for the lake is durable and movable. You can move it every 4 weeks to expand your weed-free area. LakeMat® for weeds can be installed anytime, moved, or taken out when no longer needed. When not in use, LakeMats® can be easily removed and safely stored.

Other solutions like chemicals, dredging, and aerators are expensive and must be used frequently. Compared to them, mats for lakes from Goodbye to Muck & Weeds are relatively inexpensive. They can be used for many years, and they require no yearly applications, maintenance, outlay for materials, or power to run them.

Lastly, LakeMat® is an environmentally friendly product: no chemicals, it will not harm the lake or pond, and it will not damage the lake’s ecosystem. The materials of this mat are all-natural and organic.

So, as was mentioned before, there are many different ways to tackle aquatic plant problems, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Goodbye To Muck & Weeds® has existed on the market for over a decade, has happy customers all over the world, and provides a 100% guarantee for all products. 

Maybe the time to test LakeMat® has finally come. 

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