Boatlift sinking into muck, solution Boatlift Mat®

Boatlift sinking into muck, solution Boatlift Mat®

The shores of lakes and ponds are subjected to various mechanical influences that cause soil erosion and, as a consequence, erosion of the bank. This leads not only to the loss of the external outline of the lake but also to its gradual silting. Another issue - is muck. This is by far the most difficult obstacle to overcome in any lakeshore situation.  It can prevent you from leveling a boat lift, creating a stable walking surface on your dock, and is very unpleasant to walk around or step into. Muck is forcing people to start using floating boatlift options, floating dock options, or abandoning the dock or boatlift altogether. Moreover, many people fear that they will install a boat lift, and during a windier day, the lift will tip over with the weight of the boat and sink both.

There are a few options on how to approach the issue with muck and get around it (e.g. large base pads or sweeps), and one of them is a Boatlift Mat®. 

Boatlift Mat® is a mat that serves as a solid foundation for your boat lift for dealing with soft mucky bottoms. It creates a snowshoe effect on top of the muck, distributes the weight of the lift more evenly, and helps from excess sinking from occurring. This mat for the lake is designed to stabilize lifts on top of soft and mucky lake bottoms. It prevents the hassle of removing the boatlift when the summer season ends. The mat creates a solid surface for the legs of the boat lift to rest on. 

BoatLift Mats® are durable as they are built to sustain the weight of your boat and lift. The frame is 1½” thick, aluminized steel, which protects against corrosion and rust. The fabric is a polypropylene woven mesh material that can hold up to 6,000 lbs once assembled and placed properly. Another big benefit of this mat - you can leave it in all year to make it easy to reinstall the lift each year.

Muck is a part of many inland lakes, ponds, and rivers. With everyone trying to have the best boat lift and dock systems on their property no matter how bad the bottom is on their lakefront, Boatlift Mat® offers a great solution for keeping mucky and muddy areas workable and ready for boat lift installation. 

Reach out to us if you need more information about this product. 

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