Why the MuckMat® is Best

Our LakeMats® and MuckMats® are chemical-free, affordable, and environmentally friendly alternatives to fight against lake weeds and muck.

Creates a firm lake bottom

Eliminates weeds!

ncludes high quality matierals: patented mat, frame and geogrid

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  • Unique Mat, Frame and Geogrid

    Eliminates weeds through preventing photosynthesis
    Water and gas permeable to not harm the natural ecosystem
    Non-woven geotextile - won’t catch fish hooks or other debris
    Geogrid - stops you from sinking in the muck

  • Installed MuckMat®

    Creates a firm and secure lake bottom
    Geogrid and framed-mat stabilizes the loose sediments and stops you from sinking - the “snow shoe effect”

    High strength - place you dock or boatlift on our mats!

  • MuckMat® on the Lakebottom

    No surprises - walking and swimming safe lakebottom
    No sinking & no lake weeds
    Pleasant and non-slippery surface